I’ve been working on keysyms lately. I’m making my own set, just like

Now, there’s no end of keysyms out there. I’ve found these sets so far:

  • X
  • GDK
  • SDL
  • Quake
  • MacOS
  • PalmOS

Each is slightly different. They use different defines, and different

It is bad enough that they use varying degrees of characters: ASCII, ISO
8559-1, UNICODE. And the naming is inconsistent.

But the non-characters (keypad, function keys, controls, numlock, etc.)
and modifiers (shift, control, etc.) are all different. They vary

Now, there must be some standard in place. ISO? X? Windows?

Any ideas on unifying these sets of keysyms? Or a pointer to where it’s
already done?–
Marc Lepage
Software Developer
Molecular Mining Corporation