Kobo Deluxe 0.4-pre6

I just uploaded the latest version of Kobo Deluxe; 0.4-pre6. This version
contains the latest glSDL wrapper, as well as a new audio engine with
busses, insert effects and rudimentary MIDI. (MIDI is only available on
platforms with OSS or ALSA compatible “rawmidi” APIs, unfortunately - so
you need to hack some if you want to play around with it…)

Also note that I’ve been a bit lazy and included some x86-only
benchmarking in the audio engine. (Press F9 to see the data - and a cute
"raster bar plasma" effect. :slight_smile: You’ll need to hack a #define in
sound/audio.c to compile on non-x86 CPUs - although I’m not even sure you
can do that without getting complaints from other places! (Just leave the
variables around, and it should compile…)

Source code at:


…and there’s a Win32 binary as well, including an OpenGL enabled
executable named “kobogl.exe”. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t detect h/w
pageflipping properly, so there will be some flickering on most systems.)


Not my idea of a nice and solid version, but the ChangeLog section for
this version is getting too long; need a new version number! :wink:

Seriously, it might solve some problems for some people - and it might
also contain some new bugs that refuse to show up on my systems. If you
dare try this version after reading the above, please report platform,
success/failure and so on! :slight_smile:

Oh, and it’s time I set up a list of my own…! Please, keep replies
without SDL related content off this list.

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