Large Memory leak

I’m new to SDL, and I was curious. When I check for memory leaks with valgrind it says that I have a possible leak of about 184k Bytes.
Is this normal? I follow the proper procedures, from what I can gather from tutorials to deallocate SDL objects. Is this the normal amount or am I probably grossly overlooking something

I wouldn’t call 184K “large”, it’s just 0.184MB :wink:

And if it’s just a single leak (and not getting bigger when your program runs for longer) it’s possible that it’s some memory allocated once (presumably at startup) by some system lib (X11 or libGL or whatever)

Ok cool! I just felt like any memory leak is a scary number. So seeing that, even though I knew it wasn’t even a mb scared me haha.
I haven’t gotten super far in developing, but the number stays the exact same since the beginning of this week. And I’ve added quiet a bit to my project. I’m new to writing code in Linux, and using valgrind to find leaks. But everything I could tell was it was coming from other files. Not specifically my project.
Thank you for the assurance! If it gets worse I’ll come back and check in. :slight_smile: