"Last Defense II 100%"-Finished Beta+Source!

“Last Defense II 100%”-Finished Beta+Source!


My development team and I are proud to announce the Beta release
of our SDL2 “Space Invaders” styled game: “Last Defense II 100%”.

Game is 100% open-source cross-platform and builds and runs on
any Windows®, any Linux, and any Mac® OS X® desktop or notebook.

Because the game is open-source you can download the full source code and use it for your own projects!

You can grab the Windows®/Linux dual-build with full source code at the below URL link:
(EXE for any Windows® / makefile for any Linux)

Linux Dependencies:

  • GCC
  • SDL2 + dev
  • SDL2_Image + dev
  • SDL2_Mixer + dev
  • SDL2_TTF + dev
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration for good performance

Please download above ZIP and help test before we officially release it on our website!
Thank you in advance, and enjoy…

Some Screenshots:
[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/Files/LD2/Beta/LD2-Title-Beta.png ]

[Image: http://16bitsoft.com/Files/LD2/Beta/LD2-InGame-Beta.png ]------------------------
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