Libgls for stereoscopic applications

Maybe you’ve heard of this already, but I thought it would be nice to
highlight this nice project:
LibGLS s a library that aims at simplifying stereo rendering of opengl
applications, games and software. Its API is lightweight and offers
quite a few 3D modes.
This library is the backend for bino (, a powerful
opensource stereoscopic video player.

If you had in mind of adding 3D stereo support for your game, now you
have the tools :wink:
I wonder how much development effort would be to integrate something
like this in the SDL API…


Hi Vitto,
I mucked around with hacking some StereoScopic views into the ‘spinning
cube’ demo a while ago, and think I still have it on disk somewhere. I’m
happy to forward you a copy if you want…

That was based around StereoWrap (
but probably easily adjustable.

Libgls looks very new, anyone tried it yet?