libSDL for PPC without X


I’m trying to build a PowerPC version of libSDL with no X support. The
program that uses the library has been developed on a Linux x86 box
(RedHat 7.3), but will be cross compiled to run a a PPC board with flash
memory, using MontaVista’s HardHat Linux (2.0). I’ve found multiple PPC
SDL libraries, but they all have X support requirements. I’ve attempted to
build my own libSDL (1.2.5 source code base) using the HardHat ppc
gcc compiler, and even though I set the environment variables correctly,
I cannot build a shared library. Configure states that the linker
supports shared libraries, but that libtool does not, and hence, shared
libraries are not built. If I use the static library that it produces, the
app gets unresolved references for SDL_ThreadID and sundry other
SDL_Thread… calls.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to either find an
existing library without X support, or, better yet, help in building my
own PPC libSDL.
I can provide the output of the compilation process.
Paul Biciunas