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+RFC 2: Restoring Needed LibTIFF Tools
+Author: Su Laus
+Contact: (@Su_Laus)
+Status: Proposed
+The purpose of this RFC is to clarify if and which tools that were moved
+to the archive in libtiff 4.6.0 should be reactivated.
+The very old and unmaintained tools in libtiff caused many vulnerabilities
+and CVEs that were attributed to the libtiff library itself.
+Trying to fix the security holes in the tools turned out to be a
+Sisyphean task (can never be done). 
+Therefore, most of the tools in libtiff 4.6.0 were moved to the archive
+and the existing problems were closed with "wontfix-unmaintained".
+Later, there were objections to removing the tools. At least one
+application (HylaFAX) cannot do without some of the tools.
+Some problems with the tools have now been fixed
+(see e.g.
+Proposed procedure
+* Only the required tools should be activated.
+  These are: fax2ps, tiff2bw, tiff2pdf, tiff2ps as well as the already
+  active tools tiffcp, tiffdither, tiffdump, tiffinfo, tiffset, tiffsplit.
+* Thus following tools will not be restored and will remain in the archive:
+  fax2tiff, pal2rgb, ppm2tiff, raw2tiff, rgb2ycbcr, thumbnail, tiff2rgba,
+  tiffcmp, tiffcrop, tiffgt, tiffmedian.
+* All option "-i" (= ignore errors) will be de-activated (removed),
+  because this is a main root cause for CVEs.
+* At least tiffcrop remains in the archive, as tiffcrop cannot be maintained.
+* Bugfixes in MR !569 are applied in single merge requests for traceability
+  and selectively as some changes might not be applicable.
+* Remove “wontfix-unmaintained” from closed issues, when fixed.
+* All issues related to utilities / tools shall get label “utility”.
+* The documentation and other references shall point to
+* After an initial merge has been applied for restoring the tools,
+  the page shall be reset as a mirror of
+* Finally release as 4.7.0 when all known issues of the tools are closed.
+References to previous contributions to the discussion
+ and related merge request
+Voting history
+### to be filled after comments and votes ###