Libtool-sharedlibs on MacOS/X [OT?] (Re: Compiling SDL under MacOS/X)

a) SDL gets compiled under MacOS/X - as a sharedlib or just static?
b) /usr/lib/libz.* does mean /usr/lib/libz.dylib AFAICS.
Now, I can build a sharedlib on an(other) automake’d project,
but it I had to use a patched gnu libtool-1.4, and it builds .so,
and not a .dylib. The /usr/bin/libtool isn’t a gnu libtool right?
(tried to make LIBTOOL=/usr/bin/libtool but it doesn’t work)
c) some of the macosx build-experiences that could go into the ? Or bad idea ATM?

TIA, guido

Stan Shebs wrote:>

Jone Marius Vignes wrote:

I compiled SDL under MacOS/X for the first time yesterday.
It took some time and grievance, not because of SDL, but because OSX missed a
couple of useful things like automake, libz, libtool, libpng, libjpg etc.

automake is a pretty obvious omission, seeing as how autoconf is
preinstalled, and I’m going to see if I can get it included with
the other dev tools. (I work in the OS X dev tools group, so have
a little leverage. :slight_smile: )

libtool and libz are there already, look for /usr/bin/libtool,
/usr/lib/libz.* and /usr/include/zlib.h. libpng and libjpeg
seem sensible, not sure how to get those added to the system
though, that’s a different group. At the very least you should
send mail and/or radars to Apple’s developer support folks;
if enough developers ask for these kinds of things, they will
appear in the next rev of the system.