(Linux)Building SDL2 with Vulkan Support

Hello there!

So I have an application I’m working on with Vulkan. I got everything working on Windows, that’s fine. However on Linux it presently fails to load with the error “Vulkan support is either not configured in SDL or not available in video driver”

And from what I gather, this is likely due to the distro not having built the SDL2 package with Vulkan support. I built SDL2 from source like so:

mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install

And the error persists, so I’m assuming there’s some sort of compiler option I don’t know about? What might that be?

System Info:
Distro: Linux Mint 19 MATE 64 bit
NVIDIA Driver Version: 396.54
GPU: GTX 980 Ti
GCC/G++ Version: 7.3.0
SDL2 Version: SDL2 2.0.8

Okay, so my system installed packages were conflicting with my build of SDL2.

So I uninstalled SDL2 with the synaptic package manager and configured my SDL2 build with the prefix /usr (Is that a bad idea? Eh whatever so far it works)

And now it’s working fine.