Linux: MessageBox Fullscreen interaction

Hi list,

I’m having problems on Linux getting message boxes to work correctly in
(desktop-) fullscreen
mode. What I’d like to happen is that the fullscreen sdl window goes into
background without
minimizing (using a certain SDL hint), and the message box pops up in
front. What happens
instead is that the screen freezes, showing the last drawn buffer, whereas
my system beliefs
that the sdl window has been minimized; the only way out of this situation
is to VT switch forth
and back.
Right now I can do nothing but simply disable message boxes when in
fullscreen, but it would be
cool if I could make it work. I tried simply switching into windowed mode
every time a message
box is requested, but that didn’t work because even though
SDL_WindowSetFullscreen() had
returned the window was still in the process of changing state, and the
same freeze happens.

Does anyone have experience with this? Do message boxes work in fullscreen
mode under


Just wanted to report that I have managed to work around the issue.
Apparently the problem was
arising because the window wasn’t being repainted (or rather, GL_swapped)
during the time the
message box was active.
Showing the message box from a different thread and keeping on repainting
in my draw thread,
I was able to make it work.