Linux: rendering in iowolfmp.x86_64: suspected a new glitch between v. 2.26.2 and 2.26.4

Hi there!

I’d like to report a glitch that emerged after the installation of SDL’s 64-bit updates to version 2.26.1+.
The glitch can be reproduced with the rolling releases of openSUSE Tumbleweed as well as Arch Linux (only tested on these two).

The program that was run is iowolfmp.x86_64 (=iortcw), which is a modified version of id software’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein of 2001.
The error is depicted in the screenshots.

The models of a few weapons (Thompson, flamethrower, grenades) are getting rendered in an awkward angle.

In comparison you can see another weapon (MP40) depicted in the right angle.

The rendering of all weapons runs perfectly until v 2.26.1, maybe 2.26.2, too.

Sadly, however, the recent updates of SDL didn’t fix the issue, so this is why I wrote this report to you.

Please find the prints of the dependencies, versions, system info in the files attached.

Updates of glibc or libstdc++6 (both 32-bit, needed to run the server iowolfded.x86) to their latest versions did not cause the issue combined with sdl 2.26.1.

What made it take effect was the update of SDL. And I think the issue was already there before the update to 2.26.4.

Please help! I hope someone can fix this!

Best regards,

PS: I cannot upload files as a new user. So here is the link to my Google drive.