Linux vc and framebuffer issue

Hi All!

I would like to ask You about a special issue, that’s not the average
usage of SDL. I want to use SDL programs (own ones and others
too) on a linux framebuffer. Of course this works… my problem is
the way how it does it…

Suppose that we’ve 6 virtual consoles on linux, and can switch between
them with the ALT+Fn (n=1…6) keys. If I start an SDL program, that
opens a new virtual console, in this case it will be the 7th, and I can
switch back to my normal consoles with CTRL+ALT+Fn (n=1…6),
and after this action it is possible to switch to the SDL program
again with the ALT+F7. (If there is an X server, or other SDL based
programs are running, the 8th (or 9th, etc.) virtual consoles will be used
instead of the 7th.) This is not a user friendly behavior. :frowning: It would
be okay, if only I would have to use it, but this software environment
is for other people too.

I use fbi (that’s a simple framebuffer based image viewer), and it works
exactly that way I would like to use SDL based programs too. It opens the
graphic viewer on the virtual console I’ve started the fbi, it does not open
new one. When fbi is running, I can switch virtual consoles with
the lightweight mode using ALT+Fn. It forks when switching from a normal
console to the fbi’s virtual console, and vice versa, from the fbi’s virtual
console to any other vc.

Is it possible to make SDL work the same way? Actually I’m sure it is,
but would like to know how? Maybe the opening of the new console is
supposed to be a feature, and you think it’s an ugly thing I want to do,
and I’ll be the enemy in your eyes, but could You please help me how to
achieve this nice behavior?