Loading OpenGL Extensions (vbo)

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I am trying to use vbo’s in my OpenGL application. I am using SDL under
Cygwin. The first problem was the glBindBuffer and glBufferDataARB are not
defined in that way or any variation, so I tried to query for the extension.
The wglGetProcAddress() or glxGetProcAddress() aren’t available in my OpenGL
headers. I thought I found the analogue in SDL_GL_GetProcAddress(), but there
are comemnts above it in the SDL_video.h file about using this function when
the OpenGL driver is dynamically loaded, which I believe isn’t the case here.

When I use that function, combined with an updated glext.h for the prototype
for the vbo functions I need, the result is memory address 1. I believe it’s
telling me there is a problem.

I am unsure how to check the extensions myself, so I can’t say if it’s just an
issue of it not being supported. It certainly should be, as I am creating a
windows executeable, and it should use my windows opengl drivers. If it’s not,
and the implementation Cygwin uses is that shoddy, I suppose it’s time to move
on. :wink:

Is there a different, more proper function that is SDL-specific for loading the

Hash: SHA1On Thursday 19 February 2004 07:32, Adam Preble wrote:

I am unsure how to check the extensions myself,

Check the string returned by glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS)

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