Looking for SDL2 developer to add visual front-end to existing game

Hi all,

First, if this is the wrong forum for this type of post then please pardon me; feel free to move the topic if it belongs somewhere else.

I have written a board game for blind users using SDL2. The game conveys all information to the user via spoken prompts (this includes menus, alerts, and the game board itself). I am looking for an experienced SDL developer to add a visual front-end so that the game can be enjoyed equally by blind and sighted users.

The game is currently released for Windows; you can download it at the following URL:

The game is written in C++11. It is small, so adding visuals should hopefully be a fairly simple task. The game is free so I cannot pay a lot, but if the project goes well I was thinking of building it for Android and iOS and selling it for a dollar or so. Therefore, I am willing to put some money into this. You would get the full source code along with instructions on how to build, and then it would be up to you.

Note: You can use placeholders for the artwork, if you like. You do not need to be a designer. As long as I can replace the images with the real ones in a trivial fashion later, that will be enough.

I can pay through PayPal, and I am willing to give a small advance to show that I am serious.

If you are interested, please email philip (at) blastbay . com with a quote. I suggest downloading and trying out the game first, of course.

Thanks for reading,

Philip Bennefall