Loss of SDL_ActiveEvent in Win32, but not in Linux

On Win32 it seems that SDL_ActiveEvents are no longer received after a
SDL_QuitEvent is placed on the event using SDL_PushEvent().

After the SDL_QuitEvent is received and the Window closed (SDL_Quit), then a
new Window is opened (SDL_Init/SDl_SetVideoMode) and events are again received
(key down events, mouse events etc.) however the system will not place more
SDL_ActiveEvents on the event queue.

This does not occur if the Window is closed by clicking on the Window close
icon. Nor does this occur in Linux.

Has anyone experienced this behavior?

I’m using SDL from Lisp, so the SDL library is loaded when the Lisp environment
is started and never unloaded. I’m sure this has something to do with it, but
it does not explain why this only happens in Windows.

  • Luke