Lots of questions(windows events,keyboard events)

NOTE : Sorry about the HTML if you see it. Having trouble with my corporate configuration.

Does anyone have any source for capturing ‘other’ windows events, or could point me to a peice of online source that might. I want to detect things like a screensave kicking in. All I need to do is get access to a unique windows ID so I can find out it’s number. The rest would be a breeze…

How do I get access to the text clipboard? I want to do cut\past in to my window but if I do CTRL-C I’ll probably just get two key events so I’ll probably need to retrieve the etxt myself(unless I’m mistaken)

How do I easily find out if a user is pressing say shift - 4 so I can print a $ to the screen? Can I use the mod and a bit of math or will I need to remap the keyboard?