well i hate to reply to my own post but ive done even more changes and
fixed that nast bug.
you can get the new version here:

it turns out the video driver was calling SDL_Quit before the audio was
shutdown so it crashed leaving stuff in a really bad state if you were
using certain targets.


Jess wrote:> I downloaded the SDL lxdoom port a few hours ago and noticed a few

problems, i was trying to get midi working and it turns out that it was
still using mixer instead of SDL_mixer, so i fixed that and then i
decided to see what the newest version of lxdoom was, it was one version
up so i merged the changes into the sdl port. then i decided i didnt
like the fact that it built lsdoom and lxdoom as well as lsdldoom(since
it suports both those targets and more) so i removed those. then i
packaged it up and uploaded it to my friends server and here it is,
(Sam: you might wana replace your version with it, if ya dont like the
fact that i removed lsdoom and lxdoom i can send you a version before i
did that)

Jess Haas