Mac OS X development package problems (fwd)

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Jay Cornwall wrote:

I’m having trouble getting the OS X SDL-devel-1.2.7.pkg.tar.gz to
install the SDL development files and framework.

The installer says that it will install the SDL framework (for Project
Builder/Xcode) into ~/Library/Frameworks. It correctly creates the
directory SDL.framework inside, but doesn’t appear to copy anything
into it.

I’m having that problem too. I didn’t have time yet to find out the
and how to fix it, but some things that appear odd about that package

o The package isn’t laid out like the ones PackageMaker creates - with
Contents, Resources folders and such. Not having read the
I’m surprised that it works at all…

I reverted to the Mac OS X 10.1 package script, because each OS release
completely changes the package tool and I want a package that can be
built and installed on any os version.

o Is there a reason for having identical post_install and post_upgrade
scripts? Why not just have a postflight script?

Maybe they don’t work in the 10.1 version of the installer? I don’t
recall, but at one time the installer was working in 10.1…

o Is there a reason for installing all the stuff in one place and then
moving it where it belongs, instead of just installing it in the right
place from the beginning?

Possible; only if every file was always installed in the same place on
each os version (which it is not), and not in the user’s home
directory. The installer system requires absolute paths for all items
in the archive file (like tar).

I see that there could be a problem with
deciding whether to install Xcode or ProjectBuilder templates, but that
could be solved by breaking the package up into a metapackage with
subpackages, and checking for Xcode/PB in the subpackage’s InstallCheck
script. That approach would have the additional benefit that the user
could choose to install only the parts he wants.

Fine with me, so long as the installer can still be compiled/built
under 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 and will work on 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3.

These are just superficial observations, don’t take it as serious
criticism as long as I haven’t done any real investigation.

Then I’ll throw in my idea, which is a radical departure and leaves
behind all the work I’ve done to build packages for osx up to this
point. Why don’t we just ditch packagebuilder/ and get a
Freeware/Shareware license for MindVision Installer VISE (which used to
be FREE, not sure anymore: which
will work on everything without breakage after every OS release? Shell
scripts are too buggy (at least mine are :wink: and I constantly have to
bend over backwords to keep things working with packagemaker. Yep, VISE
would be A-OK with me as I hardly have the time and patience to deal
with these installer problems anymore.On Apr 8, 2004, at 5:08 PM, Sam Lantinga wrote:

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 12:49:23 +0200
From: Christian Walther
Subject: [SDL] Re: Mac OS X development package problems