Mac OS X Porter Needed For "T-Crisis 3 100% A.I." Project!

Mac OS X Porter Needed For “T-Crisis 3 100% A.I.” Project!


Have a finished game project called “T-Crisis 3 100% A.I.”.
Game is released for all Windows® and Linux Operating Systems.
Source code is 100% cross-platform.

We are looking for a Mac OS X porter now to port the game.
Game uses the following:

  • SDL 1.2
  • SDL_Image
  • SDL_Mixer
  • OpenGL®

You can get more information here:
(info, screenshots, video, downloads, source code)

I am dirt poor and unfortunately can not offer any monies.
The project is open-source freeware.


PS - Game is currently published on cnet’s sites:;productListing

Jesse "JeZ+Lee"
JessePalser at
Video Game Design Studio