macOS "Enter Full Screen" moved to "Window" menu with "View" menu removed (2.0.10)

…this seems a change to a non-standard way of doing things.

Just tried half a dozen apps and every single one has the option to enter full screen in the View menu, none had it in the Window menu.

The commit which made the change gave a few examples of apps that have the new behaviour:

Yes a small handful of apps do it the (now) SDL way, so I suppose you could argue the case.

By far the majority of apps place the option in the View menu though.

Here are two different excerpts from the Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

Excerpt 1:
Provide a View menu even if your app only supports a subset of the
standard view functions. For example, if your app doesn’t include a
tab bar, toolbar, or sidebar, but does support full-screen mode,
provide a View menu that includes only the Enter/Exit Full Screen menu

Excerpt 2:
Add the Enter Full Screen menu item to the Window menu if your app
doesn’t have a View menu. Position it before the Bring All to Front
menu item, and continue providing separate Minimize and Zoom menu

So as what to do: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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