Macosx and SDL_WM_IconifyWindow()

Good SDL Folk,

I am attempting to minimize a nib-less Full-Screen SDL (1.2.11) app on
Macosx (PPC 10.4.7), and not having much luck. I am either
mis-understanding exactly what minimize means to a full-screen app, or
doing something wrong, or something i haven’t imagined yet.

If I take, from the Macosx SDL devel bundle of 1.2.11, the “SDL OpenGL
Application” example and modify it in a couple of ways, I get some
puzzling results:

First, I modify the main loop of that program (starting at about line
110 of main.c of that bundle) thusly:

	/* Check for events */
	while ( SDL_PollEvent (&event) ) {
		switch (event.type) {

				done = 1;
			case SDL_KEYDOWN:
				printf("minimize: %d\n", SDL_WM_IconifyWindow());
			case SDL_QUIT:
				done = 1;

Which is to say: if there’s a mouse-down, quit. If there is a
keydown, then attempt to SDL_WM_IconifyWindow, and print the return

  1. If I leave it not full screen (so about line 72-73 of the main.c of
    that bundle, I force it to never full screen), then on a keydown, that
    window minimizes, and the return value is 1.

  2. If I force it to full screen in the code (so add SDL_FULLSCREEN to
    flags always), then I get the full-screen app. A keydown then, the
    window does not minimize, but the return value is still 1 (which the
    API doc leads me to think is “success”).

Am I off base here? What strategies does one use on macosx to
minimize, hide, iconfify, an SDL app?

I have tried to make a call to an obj-c function to manipulate
NSApplication (hide: and deactivate), to no avail. SDLMain has set
itself as the delegate of NSApplication, and doesn’t know “hide:”, and
deactivate didn’t seem to do anything.

Any ideas? any advice or pointers appreciated.