MacOSX broken?

If I try to install SDL from sources on MacOSX and then build anything
which tries to find SDL with configure, it fails. This happens on at least
1.2.4 and current CVS. It turns out that this change makes configure not
to work on MacOSX:

of between 1.4 and 1.5, which removed the lines

@TARGET_MACOSX_TRUE@ echo @datadir@/sdl/SDLMain.nib
@TARGET_MACOSX_TRUE@ echo @datadir@/sdl/Info.plist

When I add the lines back, I still have problems, because the files are
mising, too:

bash-2.05a$ cp sdl-config --plist .
cp: cannot stat `/home/users/t/tk/tksuoran/Darwin/share/sdl/Info.plist’:
No such file or directory

– Timo Suoranta – @Timo_K_Suoranta