Mad Bomber / embedded

I’ve released Mad Bomber 0.2.0 this evening (morning?), which includes
an ‘embedded’ target.

All this does is rotate the screen 90 degrees and shrink it by one quarter,
thereby creating a nice 240x320 window, suitable for Compaq iPaqs or
Sharp Zauruses! :slight_smile:

Now… it can’t currently RUN on either of these PDAs, but once SDL has
been ported to them (either WinCE on iPaq, or Linux on both), it really
should just drop right in.

Other differences between the normal desktop version and the embedded
version include:

  • No sound
  • No “Two Player Versus” mode
  • Removal of the ‘flying’ level number (it’s kind of CPU intensive)

Other than that, it’s an identical game. Mouse (rather, it’ll be stylus)
input has been rotated along with the screen, and the arrow 'correct’
arrow keys are checked for menu and game controls. (eg, “Up/Down” moves
the bucket left and right, which makes sense when you’re holding the PDA

Enjoy! (I guess :slight_smile: )