Maintainer for ParaGUI wanted

I’ve been working day and night on ParaGUI for almost two years now. I’m
a bit (much) burned out now.
Currently I’m busily working on other job related projects (Yes, I also
have to earn money). If anyone feels comfortable with the idea of
maintaining the stable 1.0.x branch please drop me a note.

Of course i will not completely vanish from the project. I just need
some distance from the project for some time. For this, the project
needs some experienced ParaGUI developer to fix bugs and merge

I will still be there for serious problems that may need my help, but I
will definitely stop working on the stable version after the release of
ParaGUI 1.0.1 (yes, it’s delayed. I know). I don’t want to take a break
without seeing the project handed over to a maintainer I can trust (Yes.
Some guys may know what I mean and why I mention this).

During my absence I want to review the experiences of the last two years
and redesign the ParaGUI API (other backends, OpenGL, redesign of XML
themes and layouts, …).

Ok. These are the facts.
Anyone volunteering for maintainership please send an email to me.

I’m sure you guys out there will do your best.