Making HTML5 Video Game Creator With SDL2 - Need Something Tested On macOS Safari


We might make a new HTML5 video game creator with SDL2.
The cross-platform IDE will be built with SDL2.

We tested an older HTML5 video game we made a long time ago,
and running it locally worked on all current Internet browsers on both Windows and Linux.

We were hoping someone could quickly test the HTML5 game locally on macOS Safari browser.
You can grab the game on GitHub below:

Just download the ZIP, decompress, and load “index.html” into Apple Safari Internet browser.
Just verify the game runs locally(not on a server).
When on title screen press [START!] to see if it is working.

Let us know, thanks!


Yes, it runs on Safari on an M1 Mac running macOS 11.4.

Thanks Sam!
Moving forward!