Many mouse and touch input release

I should have sent it a few days earlier, but well I’m sending it now. So
here is the report on the first phase of the project finished. I hope to get
some feedback to repair bugs, I hope there aren’t many of them.

So here are the currently implemented features that should work under X11:

  • Distinction of pointing devices by an integer index.
  • Detection of the pressure returned by the input device
  • Detection of the maximum and minimum pressure level of the device.
  • Returning proximity events
  • Changing the mode of the device to relative mode.

You can find the documentation on how to use those features, here: . I’ll be glad to answer
any questions, but I’ll be even more glad to receive some testing feedback;)
So I’m looking forward to some mail;]

The current phase of the project is porting the features to windows. Wish me
“For those about to code”
–Szymon “Wilku” Wilczek