March towards 1.2.14

So I’ve organized Bugzilla into stuff I’d like resolved for a 1.2.14
release. Please note that “resolved” doesn’t necessarily mean “fixed”
… the problem with bug trackers are there are some bugs we can’t
really do anything about, so they sort of remain open forever. It’s
entirely possible that the majority of the bugs I’ve grouped off are
going to be closed without fixing, but I decided it was time to draw a
line in the sand about them.

If you want to see the list, here it is…

If you want to see bugs listed for some version <= 1.2.13 that aren’t on
the list…

…this second group will almost certainly be closed with WONTFIX or
something similar.

This list can change. If you have new stuff to add, please do. If you
have patches and bug reports that never made it into Bugzilla, please
submit them now, as it’s possible we missed or forgot about them. Things
will be removed from the list if Sam wants to deal with them later.

Please note that we will make no API changes for 1.2 at this point, only
fixes (and, if compelling enough: new platform ports and video/audio/etc
targets). API changes are now going into 1.3.



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