MIDI requirements

I’ve looked some at the new GPLed MIDI code for Linux and (possibly)
*BSD, and most of it seems to deal with the peculiarities of various
specific devices and drivers, rather than actual MIDI playback. Trying to
figure out what to do, if anything.

I have one question for MIDI users on Linux and *BSD:

* Are these "translations" required to get proper GM/GS
  support with current MIDI drivers on Linux and *BSD?
  (That is, do the drivers for cards with h/w synths
  still have major GM/GS incompatibilities?)

…and one for all MIDI users:

* Would mapping to/from GS, MT-32, XG etc, velocity/level
  correction and other features that compensate for the
  shortcommings of these "standards" be desirably on all

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