Ming32 cross-compiling

hi there

i worked a bit with cross compiling for i586-mingw32 targets and made some changes to the script building the cross-environment, originally located at http://www.libsdl.org/extras/win32/cross .


my script is located at http://www.blah.ch/build-cross.sh

I have successfully built the cross-environment on the following host platforms:

  • GNU/Linux - RedHat 7.2 - gcc-2.96
  • GNU/Linux - SuSE 7 - gcc-2.95.3
  • GNU/Linux - LFS - gcc-3.1 (prerelease from CVS - 20020502)

maybe some of you find it useful, even though it is a bit messy (forgive me, i needed a quick solution ;b).
enjoy! :smiley: