Mingw32 - SDL 1.0.0

Sorry to bother you again people… last question, I promise :slight_smile:

Has anyone read README.Win32?

I. Building the Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries:
(This step isn’t necessary if you have the SDL binary distribution)

Oops, I dont think I explained myself properly-
I have the binary distribution for mingw32, and am trying to compile my
programs using the binary distribution librarys.
I’m not actually cross-compiling it, but booting into windows, to compile,
creating windows executables.
It’s when linking with SDL (specifically libSDLmain.a), that i have the
problem with WinMain at 16.

However, I just got SDL-1.0.1-mingw32, and tryed it, (with the directx
libraries, just in case).
Another unusual error came up:
libSDLmain.a(SDL_main.o): In function ‘console_main’:
/home/hercules/SDL-1.0.0/src/main/SDL_main.c:139: undefined reference to

Please note I’m using the SDL-1.0.1-mingw32 binary distribution here when
trying to compile my SDL-based program. The WinMain at 16 problem apparently
isn’t present anymore (SDL-1.0.0 seems to be the only version with it)

So, to make it clearer, I’ll run over again what I’ve done,
I downloaded mingw32 for Windows a while ago, which was nicely linked to off
the SDL site, and unzipped it. It compiles applications nicely, including
SDL-0.10.0 and lower.
To use SDL, I download the mingw32 binary, unpack it, and link to it.
This is my understanding of how to compile programs using SDL under windows.

Sorry, again for wasting all your time, I know how it is to have an idiot
asking questions on a mailing list.
Incidently I had read readme.Win32, carefully, but it seems to strongly
suggest it was telling me how to compile the compiler, for windows, and how
to compile the SDL librarys, for windows.

Thanks heaps,
Timothy Downs

PS: SDL is a great library, and even with the hassles in creating the
windows version of my game, its definantly one of the best librarys ive
used. However, the readme files have been confusing for more people than
just me, who are trying to compile a windows version without this terribly
confusing cross-compiling business, I guess we are just pretty dumb. :(______________________________________________________
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