Missing depth buffer in Android

Hi all,

my Android App using PowerVR SGX 540 came up without any Z-buffer
present, even though I had


Looking at SDLActivity.java of the current HG snapshot from October 4, I
found this:

int[] configSpec = {
EGL10.EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE, renderableType,

So it seems like none of the SDL_GL_SetAttributes are currently used in
Android? Never mind the colors, but what about stencil etc…?

Anyway, I got my Z-buffer by uncommenting the EGL10.EGL_DEPTH_SIZE and
hard coding 24 there.

Another thing: my App came up with Android’s virtual keyboard on top. I
could hack this away by making ‘public static void showTextInput’ in
SDLActivity.java a NOP. I didn’t have to time to trace in detail where
showTextInput was incorrectly called.

Best regards,