ML, realtime, Windows too :)


I would like to announce that I have succeeded in
making the 2 ML compilers MLKit and MLTon crosscompile
applications from Linux to Windows:

Thanks to Stephen T. Weeks for a lot of help during the
MLTon hacking.

I have also created ML bindings for Sam Lantiga’s SDL
library (Simple DirectMedia Layer), which will
(among other things) allow you to create realtime
sound and bitmapgraphics in ML.

As a disclaimer, none of this is complete (or intended
to be). It is just complete enough that I have been
able to create a small commercial game, which I will
also have on my homepage soon. Furthermore it took
8 compilers to create this game, so I’m not saying
that this will be easy to use :slight_smile:

I just hope that it might be useful to others…

And if there’s anything I forgot on the homepages
or anything, please tell me - it was written in a hurry.