More Mac OS X Lion testing

(tl;dr: Please test the latest SDL-1.2 in Mercurial on your Mac OpenGL

Apparently in SDL 1.2, with Mac OS X Lion, this fails…

 SDL_SetVideoMode(w, h, 32, SDL_FULLSCREEN | SDL_OPENGL);

…because under the hood, CGLSetFullScreen() fails with “invalid
fullscreen drawable.”

It’s not clear why this fails. Apple has, in the past, changed API
behaviours based on where you built your app, and I’m wondering if this
is one of those times.

This same SDL codepath is used in Unreal Tournament 2004, for example,
and the binaries work fine on Lion, but this was obviously not built
with Xcode 4 on a Lion machine.

I’ve made a small SDL tweak to use the Cocoa equivalent of
CGLSetFullScreen(), and it appears to work. I left the original code in
an #ifdef powerpc, since the Cocoa version has been around since
10.3, and no PowerPC OS X builds have need of this change.

But I’m not entirely sure of the ramifications of this, so if you have a
Mac game that uses OpenGL, I’d appreciate if you would test to make sure
it still works. That includes building with Xcode 3 vs 4, and running on
Lion vs older releases.