More modern backend for SDL_Mixer

Hi, everyone. Greetings.
I am new here.

I am an indie game developer, mainly just for hobby or side project. I am not using SDL directly, but my game creation software use SDL, so hopefully by posting suggestion here will affect the improvement to my game engine.

I have a request in bugzilla here

I suggested there some libraries that may be useful for SDL_Mixer as backend to replace some obsolete library used by SDL_Mixer. Those libraries are:

  1. TinySoundfont as MIDI file player https:// github. com /schellingb/ TinySoundFont;
  2. Libxmp-lite as Module music player;
  3. MiniMP3 as MP3 player https:// github. com /lieff/ minimp3 .

My reason to suggest those library is based on the following criteria:

  1. Still maintained
  2. More accurate playback
  3. Very few dependencies
  4. Portability
  5. Non-copyleft license

What do you thing about it?


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