More than one window?

Hello all,

Wow, this is one useful library! I’m actually evaluating it to see if I can
use it for rendering in my research. So far I’ve been using GLUT, but it’s
getting to be a major PITA, especially since you have to give it the reins
with glutMainLoop(); otherwise it’s a mess when trying to stick into its own
thread (one has to do some mutex footwork to make sure no two threads do GL
calls simultaneously).

Anyhow, so here I am have a look at the SDL library, and it looks really
impressive. I’m seriously considering porting my code to it, but it seems
there’s one feature that’s missing for me: multiple windows. Is it possible
to bring up two SDL windows? I guess games usually don’t need to have more
than one window open, but perhaps there’s some nifty way of doing this
Maciej Kalisiak mac at