Mouse configuration

Michal Szczotka wrote:

I have Logitech MouseMan+ PS/2. It has 4 buttons and wheel. total of 6 buttons.
i can use them all in X however if i try to setup side button in sof it does not register anything.
is sof limited to 3 buttons and wheel? if not how can i get around it?

I’m certainly not an authority, but (as I understand it) X11 only supports 5 buttons. XFree86
currently has support for more, but it’s not officially supported by X11. As I understand it,
because more than 5 buttons isn’t officially supported, Sam decided to not support it in the
SDL X11 target. I, having a MouseMan Wheel, am in the same position that you are, but
the decision is Sam’s.

This is really a technical compatibility issue, and discussion of it should probably continue on
the newsgroup. Maybe the X server can be probed to determine if it’s
capable of more than 5 buttons… ???

I now decline from shoving my foot any further into my mouth and/or down my throat than
I already have…

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