Mouse coordinates in SDL_OPENGL

Hi list!
I’m currently using the opengl functionality of the SDL lib and encountered
a strange behavior. All functions returning mouse coordinates are returning
them in a 640X480 scale, no matter which resolution I’m really using. Is this
a bug or a feature? I havn’t found something about it in the docs, but if it is
a wanted behavior, I would wish a flag to change this. It is very anoying
when you’re working with opengl feedback data, which is scaled to the
actual screen resolution and you’re mouse input is only 640X480. Not only
you have to rescale the coordinates (which isn’t that hard at all), but you’re
loosing actual resolution, because only 640X480 positions are available for
mouse input.

Thanks in advance,
Andreas “SunSailor” Podgurski

BTW: I’m using the win32 port with a gdi fallback on a winnt4sp6 system.

I had the same behaviour but only under windows while using the
SDL_OPENGLBLIT flag in full screen mode.
Since it works fine under linux i’d say it’s a bug.

Live long and prosper /,

  • Zordan Ehrwald