Mouse cursor from png (corrected)

i have tried this but I get scambled cursor - it doesn’t look like the
image from
which it’s made. it’s much narrower and I can’t recognize the picture I
wanted there.
when I keep the cursor image width at 8px, everything is ok. but other
sizes such as 16,24,32 are bad.
i tried several images and none of them worked fine.
here is the code. the files (if somebody is willing to try to compile
it) are at and

RedHat8.0, X11, Nvidia GFti300
thanks a lot

Sorry, my bad, I pasted a wrong version of the conversion routine, replace
the line

cursor = SDL_CreateCursor(data, mask, w, image->h, hx, hy);


cursor = SDL_CreateCursor(data, mask, w * 8, image->h, hx, hy);


Andre de Leiradella


Does anyone know how I can get sdl working under codewarrior for windows?
Is there an example codewarrior project I can download somewhere? I tried to
set one up but I am getting errors, many undefined symbols. I have
sucessfully set up the sdl before under VC and BCB. Can the sdl lib files
for vc or for bcb be used in codewarrior?

The sdl faq had a project for download that could recompile the sdl under
codewarrior, but I have no need to recompile the sdl.

Thank you in advance for any help.