Mouse, Refresh problems

I have created a bounding box(a selection box to select your units) and in
window mode this box is draw fine, but in full screen with hd and double
buff this box isnt drawn. I am also filling the background.
Also there is very noticeable lag after I draw my box, if I click really
fast and drag about 10 times, and once I stop I can see a few more boxes
being drawn while the mouse isnt moving.or the button isnt down. I know
SDL is seeing that as events that havent happend and its performing an
action in the list. Is there a way around this?----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Please don’t send HTML e-mail to the list, it’s hard for people with text
e-mail clients to read. :slight_smile:

As to your question, it sounds like you’re only reading one event per frame.
Is that correct?

See ya,
-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment