Move video within the window


I am building an application on WinXP, which creates its own window for MPEG
to play. The window the app created is larger than the MPEG stream
dimensions. When SDL draws the video, it uses coordinates (0,0)-(width,

Is there a way that I can tell SDL that I want to offset the MPEG’s drawing to
another part of the window?

For example, my MPEG is 320x240 and my window is 640x480. The video plays at
(0,0)-(320x240) on the window. I would like it to play at (320,0)-(640,240) or
(0,240)-(320,640) or (320,240)-(640,480) or even center the video in the

I have used SDL_VIDEO_WINDOW_POS, but this just moves the SDL created window
on the screen and not the video in the window. SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED just centers
the window and not the video in the window.

Any ideas?

Would’nt it be enough to draw it on a seperate surface and move that around?–
Stefan Hendriks