MSVC 2005 Express and SDL parachute

Hi Folks,
I have been using SDL for years, with the dev-c++ IDE. I really liked how when I tried to do something I shouldn’t, SDL gracefully closed my program, and put the “SDL parachute deployed” message at the end of the stderr.txt, as well as flushing the printf()'s to the stdout.txt, so one could drop some printf()'s to find how far one’s program had gotten before crashing…

Well, about a year ago, MS released their lovely IDE for free, and I bit the hook, and now I really like its powerful and easy to use features. However, when my program does something it shouldn’t, I get a real crash(Windows message box, SDL_app.exe has experienced problem, etc.) instead of the parachute.

Is there a way to re-enable the parachute? or does that just not work so well with MSVC 2005? I can usually find them in debugging mode, but that’s not the point. When I’m not debugging, I’d like to be able to see where it got to when it crashed - it will help me to focus my debugging efforts. As it is, I usually just turn off all of the break points, since I have no idea where the problem is, and let it crash again in debug mode, to get an idea of what happened to cause the crash! Seems silly to me…

Thanks for any light you can shed on the issue!
-Dave Olsen