Msvc 64bit/directx interface


when compiling sdl 1.2 (svn rev 4122 or 1.2.13 at wish) using
64bit msvc, the video init of the directx interface does not
work because the IDirectInputDevice2_SetDataFormat() function
is called with invalid arguments.

The problems are the hardcoded values for e.g. c_dfDIKeyboard,
which are not correct for 64bit as the DIDATAFORMAT structure
contains pointers. Information about the entries of the
DIDATAFORMAT structure can be found at msdn, along with an

Another point regarding 64bit msvc is the sdl project file
( which has an entry
that is invalid for 64bit, as well as unneeded for regular
32bit builds, so it can be removed. Note that this is not part
of the patch below.


The attached patch is against svn rev 4122, generalizing the
structures c_dfDIKeyboard, c_dfDIMouse and c_dfDIJoystick to
work with 64bit msvc.
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