Multi-device USB adapters reports controllers wrongly on mac

Multi-controller USB adapters reports controllers wrongly on Mac OS X

tested 3 different devices:

  • EMS Trio Linker Plus II - 1 GameCube port + 1 Dreamcast port + 1 PlayStation port
  • Dual SNES Adapter - 2x Super NES ports
  • Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter (PC mode) - 4x GameCube ports

(I think all of them are made by Mayflash)------------
The problem:

Any of the listed devices show a multiple controllers correctly on Windows but a single monolithic Controller on Mac.

On Windows it shows everything correctly and separated.
On Mac everything works but as if there is a single device with 40+ buttons, 10+ axes, 4+ hats.

with the exception of EMS Trio Linker Plus II, it reports more than one device on Windows no matter the number of connected controllers (including no one).

Similar issue, maybe:

This is an issue I noticed long time ago, but tested recently and it still persists.

the bugzilla bug report with more details:

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