Multiple SDL_Window

Hello everyone, i’m here because i need your help about the built-in function : SDL_SetWindowParent(SDL_Window *w) who allowing to a set window as a parent for another window , now when I use it in my program nothing was happen.

In windows for instance when we launch an application and for some reason we press maybe help menu another window appear and still there until you press the close button , Otherwise when you press in other region not in the help window who was appear. it make sound and the window blinking , likewise when the main application is become inactive the help window become inactive.

For me i want to implement the same behavior on my two windows. However My main app and my other window Are rendering in Different threads to make them asynchronous, suggest me a solution please i will appreciate it, sorry for my English I’m natural french


did you try SDL_SetWindowModalFor ?

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Does this function exist? I can’t find it anywhere. Not on the wiki, not on Google, not even when searching the SDL code files.

EDIT: Found SDL_SetWindowParent mentioned here but to me it sounds like it’s more about using SDL to render inside a Window that was created with some other GUI library.

Sorry for that i make wrong it instead :