Multiple Windows

Hi all, new subscriber here.

This request might sound a bit odd but please bear with me.

Suppose you have a pre-existing program, in this case an existing game.
Enemy Territory to be precise, or slightly more generically the Quake3 and
Quake4 engine.

I’ve set up SDK and guichan to allow me to open an additional window from
the same process to provide a canvas for debug tools and an attached gui for
debugging and such. Some of the debug visualization stuff I want to do is
pretty draw intensive, and I want 3d visualization, so I’d like to use an
OpenGL SDL window to do it in. Works fine in a test app, and when I use a
normal SDL window(non OpenGL) but the moment I spawn an OpenGL window from
within the game process the game stops rendering, presumably because it’s an
OpenGL powered game already, and maybe there can only be 1 OpenGL window to
a process by default?

The question is, is there a way around this so one can spawn multiple OpenGL
windows from a single process? In my case I just want to prevent my SDL
OpenGL window from breaking the game rendering. I haven’t yet tried an
OpenGL window on a DX powered game, so I’m speculating a bit that it’s
related to the game already having an OpenGL window in use. The game keeps
running, I can break in the code and such, it’s just the rendering appears

Any help greatly appreciated.