My first IOS game

After a few months of development my friend and I have released our first game. Now we have done a 2 year course in game development but never finished a game. This is our first attempt at doing a game so if you are going to comment be honest but fair. It works on the ipod and iphone but you can still run the binary on the ipad.

The game is called Flynn’s Retro Arcade (homage to Tron). It has a few errors when running on Ios 4.1 and under. That because when I switched to xcode 4 and ios 5 it changed some of the build options for the binary. The game consists of 3 mini games (battleship, asteroids, and brick breaker) with our own unique name (copyright I believe). There is a few other bugs that I didn’t want to fix because I just wanted to send it up and see some kind of feedback.

The orientation screen is odd because I tell you to keep the home button to your left some times you have to rotate 180 degrees then back again in order to do this.

Its not perfect but I think its a good attempt at a first game. Let me know what you guys think Its all build in sdl 1.3 with some opengl for rotating.

Cory McMackin

How are you guys getting sdl to compile with ios? whenever I build an app for my itouch xcode ignores sdl source files due to “missing required architecture mv6 in file”. DO you know of a good tutorial for making sdl ios apps? could you point me in the right direction please? any help is appreciated.