My first try at game development

Hey guys, I’ve been working on learning SDL over the last few weeks and I figured a fun way to learn would be to make a game with it. This is my first game so it’s a little rough, I’d really appreciate some feedback. I put it up on my school website for easy access.

The controls make it a little awkward to play.
You could just as well have used the arrow keys, or used WASD (W is up, A and D as you have them, then S to crouch I guess).

Game concept is fairly simple, you just shoot ghosts with arrows while basically playing your typical platformer.

I’m not sure if it was how high I could jump or how fast I fell, but jumping was really awkward for me too.

I only killed two ghosts before I died and normally I rock at platformers.

Thanks for taking the time to try it out and give me some feedback. I’m just glad you were able to play it without any collision bugs (as some other people reported). I’ll take your feedback into consideration in the future.

I agree, the jumping feels slightly awkward - I think because it happens slowly.
No collision issues though.

I also had no collision issues. Did you fix them before posting here?

No I didn’t make any changes to the collision detection, only a couple of people that I know that tried the game with older computers had issues with running through the walls and not being killed by monsters.

what compiler did you use for your game and are there any external dependencies? i tried checking your game code but i was not able to compile it on visual studio. there wasn’t any project file.


Without getting in to too much detail let me just say this. Yes, the game could use some work, but based on the fact that you are learning and practicing by creating games such as this, I greatly commend you. Some of the better SDL games have come from people who started at a much lower level than this. You can get a pretty good idea at what the different levels of feedback are by checking out online reviews for developers, etc. Have you ever heard of a place called angies list?