My rubbish background - any suggestions

this is my current background, i have the runtime argument lg to decide is low
graphics is used, in which case it just dosnt move… which means i can do what
i like for the background… if it dosnt run ok on youtr copmputer run it it low

if anyone can throw me any code snips or ideas i can easilly implement please…

i am rubbish at maths… so the main plan at the moment is attempt to rip off
some public domain / freeware effects or something…

any suggestions…

void plotbg2sc(void)
int x,y;
if (lg){
if (bj>=201) { bj=1; bjr=randoon(2);}
if (bk>=201) { bk=1; bkr=randoon(2);}
if (bj<=0) { bj=200; bjr=randoon(2);}
if (bk<=0) { bk=200; bkr=randoon(2);}

if (bjr==1) bj+=1;
if (bjr==2) bj-=1;
if (bkr==1) bk+=1;
if (bkr==2) bk-=1;}

for ( x = -200 ; x<1000 ; x+=200 ){for ( y= -200 ; y<800 ; y+=200


imageplot() plots a surface to the video surface with the centre as the origin.

backg is a 200x200 gimp>filter>render>clouds>plasma made seamless then
darkened a bit, so the repeat is obvious but bareable. its looks ok, but now i
have the lowgraphics mode i can ‘go mad’ ( 10 hours coding today cant get much
more really )