Mysterious(ish) segfault

Sam, you already have some code that will produce this error, but here’s a
cleaner version, now that I understand what I’m doing :wink:

I’m trying to implement a simple missile control game (eg. blast that missile
flying overhead… very simple, and hopefully very addictive ;), and it seems
to segfault every now and then.

It currently seems to track down to line 65 of the code, except sometimes it
gets past that stage (especially when I run it under gdb), and sometimes it
segfaults a bit later…

I have a tarball with what I have so-far at (that’s
only a 33.6 link, so don’t all download it at once ;-). Also, ignore the
somewhat boring looking graphics, I just wanted to test my code and put cool
graphics in later :wink:

(tarball is 2925 bytes, 932318 bytes uncomressed)–
– Michael Samuel