NAS support and debian (a small patch)

NAS under debian for some reason has its headers installed in
/usr/include… here’s a small patch to find it properly.

BTW - no idea if NAS works, haven’t tested it. Looks like fun though…

G’day, eh? :slight_smile:
- Teunis, having abandoned a -very- broken setup is now playing
with debian-unstable. This one will never learn g

— Mon Feb 4 06:22:10 2002
+++ Mon Feb 4 06:22:31 2002
@@ -393,6 +393,8 @@
if test -r /usr/X11R6/include/audio/audiolib.h; then

  •    elif test -r /usr/include/audio/audiolib.h; then
  •        have_nas=yes
       if test x$have_nas = xyes; then